Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Compassion of Ron Paul

Ron Paul loves people! This is one of the many stories of how he helped people while he was a doctor. He regularly didn't charge for medical care if people couldn't afford it.

*This is not a video paid for by the campaign.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ron Paul On National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) - Our Rights Have Been Thrown Out of the Window

Is Ron Paul a Racist? Being a True Civil Libertarian and a Racist Doesn't Work.

There is some controversy about whether or not Ron Paul is a racist. Most of this controversy is derived from some article comments that were written using his name in some newsletters he published. Ron Paul claims these were comments from ghost writers and he wasn't aware of them before they were published. As professing libertarian, he has strongly argued that he is NOT a racist, saying, "True libertarians are incapable of being a racist because racism is a collectivist idea - you see people in groups. Civil libertarians see everybody as an important individual." Besides these select comments, everything Ron Paul stands for is the complete opposite of racism, so I'm inclined to believe him. However, instead of trying to convince you of my position, I'll let you watch this somewhat random collection of video clips and let you make up your own mind. You can also read a 23 page article on the issue, here:

Ron Paul Talking About Various Race Related Issues

NAACP Leader, Nelson Linder, Talks About Ron Paul Being A Racist

A Definitive Case That Ron Paul is NOT a Racist

Is Ron Paul a Racist Part 1

Is Ron Paul a Racist Part 2

Ron Paul on Civil War Comments
(Start watching at about 8 minutes)

A Black Man's View on Ron Paul Being a Racist Part 1

A Black Man's View On Ron Paul Being a Racist Part 2

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Much Harder to Prove God Doesn't Exist Than to Prove God Does Exist

People often say, "You can't prove there is a God." I disagree.

The truth is, it's a heck of a lot harder to prove there isn't a God. This is because the rule of absolute negatives. Making an accurate absolute negative is very difficult. Here is an example that illustrates the difficulty.

I can say, "there are dogs in Alaska" and very easily prove it. All I have to do is find one dog and my effort in proving my statement is complete. However, if I say, "there are NO dogs in Alaska", it becomes very difficult to prove. I would have to go to every square inch of Alaska to prove that statement. If I missed a single square foot, you could say, "How do you know there are no dogs in Alaska? You haven't been to every square foot!"

To prove there isn't a God, you would have to visit every part of the entire universe and beyond. If you visited half of it, it wouldn't be enough. God could easily be in the part you missed, right?

Proving the existence of God is much easier. Watch Ravi Zacharias, a world renown philosopher, explain the logic in a little over three minutes.

If you liked that clip and want to hear more, here is a 45 minute speech with some more good logic. He gets a little deep sometimes, so it may take re-listening to some parts to have a full understanding of what he is saying.

Ravi Zacharias The Existence of God Part 1 of 6

Ravi Zacharias The Existence of God Part 2 of 6

Ravi Zacharias The Existence of God Part 3 of 6

Ravi Zacharias The Existence of God Part 4 of 6

Ravi Zacharias The Existence of God Part 5 of 6

Ravi Zacharias The Existence of God Part 6 of 6