Friday, October 14, 2011

1 Person Dies and 100 Million Cry - 1 Million Die and No One Cries

Kind of makes you think doesn't it? This year about a billion people won't have enough food. In the horn of Africa alone, experts are projectioning that death tolls could in the hundred thousands due to the recent drought and subsequent famines. Yet this devastation hardly makes the headlines. Steve Jobs dies and the world is in mourning.

Don't get me wrong, I think Steve Jobs did make a positive impact on the world (yes, I know, as some will say he had his problems), but I think it would be good to think a little more about the suffering in the world. So next time you use your iPad or iPhone and think of Steve Jobs, think for a second about the people don't have one and probably never will.

Yes, RIP Steve Jobs, but, RIP 1 the million who starved to death.

Help support the suffering in the world. 

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