Saturday, October 22, 2011

Starting a Movement May Require You to Look Like an Idiot

This is one of my favorite TED talks.

It's a presentation that uses a creative way of illustrating what it takes to start a movement.

If you want to make a significant change, it is almost inevitable that you will stand alone for awhile and take a risk of looking like an idiot. If you persevere through the lack of attention or the ridicule, a few people will eventually recognize your mission and become followers. As more people join, your followers will eventually reach a critical mass and your idea will become a viral movement.

I think the video is a good reminder that we shouldn't be afraid of standing alone if we really believe in something. So if you want to change the world, go look like an idiot and get the movement started. As Gandi once said, "First they'll ignore you, then they'll laugh at you, then they'll fight with you, and then you win."

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