Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Continuing American Tradition of Abusing Native Americans

Since the founding of this country, Native Americans have been excessively abused and in many cases massacred. Holocaust expert and author, Cesarani states that "in terms of the sheer numbers killed, the Native American Genocide exceeds that of the Holocaust". The ones that weren't massacred were removed from their homelands and put on reservations that were comprised of the worst available lands. 

As if that weren't enough, the abuse is continuing to this day - by the government. In a recent NPR led investigation, the government of South Dakota was exposed for essentially kidnapping Native American children and placing them in foster care. The motivation? Money, of course! 

According to the article, "The state receives thousands of dollars from the federal government for every child it takes from a family, and in some cases the state gets even more money if the child is Native American." 

Even though Federal law prohibits Native American foster children from being placed with anyone other than their tribe and close relatives, 32 states are ignoring this policy. In South Dakota, Native American children make up only 15% of the child population, but they make up over 50% of the foster children. 

It's not that their aren't Native American families willing to take foster children if the need arises. It's part of their culture to take care of children who need help. However, if a Native American foster family takes a child, the state doesn't get the Federal money that would have come from the child being in the state sponsored foster system. 

I guess state politicians feel that sacrificing the happiness and security of these children is worth padding the budget.

Sadly, freedom in America isn't for everyone, especially not for the people who owned this land in the first place.

Truly sickening.

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