Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bloomberg Iowa Republican Poll - Yahoo Is Part of the Media Bias Against Ron Paul

Take a look at this screen shot of the Yahoo home page. It has four candidates in the photo and a link to the article titled, "Poll: It's Now a Four Way Race in Iowa". 

When you read the headline and look at the photo, one would naturally assumed that the candidates in the photo are the "four" mentioned. Wrong! If you click the link and read the article, you find that it is talking about today's Bloomberg Iowa Poll results. The top four in order are Herman Cain (20%), Ron Paul (19%), Romney (18%), and Gingrich (17%). The article further mentions that the strength of support for Ron Paul is the strongest out of any candidate. Strong support, of course, means an increased likelihood of actually participating in the caucuses. So in reality, Ron Paul is the front runner. One would expect him to be at least somewhere in the photo, instead Rick Perry (with only 7% in the Poll) takes his place. 

And the media claim they aren't biased????

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