Thursday, November 3, 2011

The poorest of the poor at the highest level in 35 years

20 million or 6.7% of Americans are classified as the poorest of the poor according to new census data. The poorest of the poor are defined as those people who make up the lowest 50% of the poverty level. 

This means an individual income of 5,500 and an income for a family of four of 11,100. Detroit, Grand Rapids MI, and Akron OH are some of the areas with the highest levels of the poorest of the poor.


This is very sobering indeed. This and another article I was reading by It said that 925,000 people in the world suffer from a lack of food.

If you are blessed enough to not be included in the poorest of the poor category in this country or in the world, be thankful! And don't forget about the people who don't have anything.

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